An Indispensable Interior Design Element

In 1995 TruStile saw a need in the marketplace to transform and innovate the interior door both in material options and the design impact it can have. Since then, TruStile has been changing the door industry with every stile, rail and panel they put through their production line by blending modern technology with old world craftsmanship. Once you see the impact well-designed interior doors have on a home, you’ll never look at doors the same way again.

TruStile (TS) Series

Over 100 Architecturally-Correct Panel Designs, With One To Nine-Panel Configurations

The TruStile (TS) Door Collection features architecturally-correct panel door styles from 1- to 9-panel configurations. Each door is built with genuine stile and rail construction and is never routed or stamped. The flexible manufacturing process also allows you to customize the look of any TS series door by substituting any panel for glass, resin, leather or metal.

Available Door Styles


V-Groove (VG) Series

Doors With A Rustic, Tongue-And-Groove Look That Emulates Plank Doors

V-Groove (VG) Door Collection features a tongue-and-groove look that emulates plank doors. Each door is built with genuine stile and rail construction to ensure greater performance than plank doors.

Available Door Styles


Tambour (TMB) Series

Contemporary Doors Made With State-Of-The-Art CNC Routing Technology

Tambour (TMB) Door Collection combines stile and rail construction with state-of-the-art CNC routing technology to create a uniquely contemporary look. Combine these doors with other styles for design interest and visual variety.

Available Door Styles


Design (CD) Series

An Eclectic Collection Of Custom Designs Spanning A Variety Of Architectural Styles

Custom Design (CD) Door Collection features an eclectic mix of custom styles from our design team. These exclusive TruStile designs fulfill a variety of architectural styles and are perfect for creating a dramatic visual impact. TruStile’s Custom Design Collection proves that doors can be just as exciting as other home design elements.

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TruStile Modern (TM) Series

Unique Stacked Rail Designs And Modern Interpretations Of Some Favorite Styles

The Tru&Modern™ Door Collection is a modern take on classic stile and rail door construction. Clean, strong lines. Custom design options. Bold accents. This collection radically alters the concept of what a door can bring to today’s modern and contemporary interiors.

Available Door Styles


Infinite Rail (TMIR) Series

Sleek And Streamlined Doors For Today's Modern Home

Modern architecture demands exacting specifications. The Tru&Modern Infinite rail brings a luxurious level of sophistication with kerf cuts or metal inlays that traverse the complete width of the door.

Choose from 13 styles featuring a variety of kerf cut and metal inlay configurations. Or create your own custom solution.

Available Door Styles


French Lite (FL) Series

Traditional French Door Designs With True Divided Lites

French Door (FL) Collection offers classic glass door designs from one- to 18-lite configurations. The French doors are crafted with true divided lites. Each individual piece of glass is hand-inserted for maximum architectural detail.

Available Door Styles


Panel Lite (PL) Series

A Unique Collection Of Doors That Mix Panels With Glass

Panel Lite (PL) Door Collection combines raised panels with glass lites, giving you the best of both styles. A popular selection for pantries, bathrooms and entries, panel lite doors can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

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